Building websites, what do you need?

Are you just getting ready to launch your own website? Here is an overview of what you will need to launch your first website.

  • Domain name
    First of all, you need an address for your website. This is what people will type in to visit your site. You can go to a site like and register a domain name for your site. Make sure the domain you choose is easy to spell and remember.
  • Web Hosting
    Next, you will need a place to put your site so other people can access it by typing in your domain name. This is called web hosting. You can get a decent hosting plan for about $5 per month. Just be sure you go with a reputable company. Shared website hosting is a good option if your budget is low. If your website has more traffic or needs dedicated resources, find detailed information about dedicated hosting online.
  • Website Template
    Now you are ready to start designing your site. You will need a template, which is a website design. You can buy an attractive website template, pay a designer to create one or you can use a free template from the internet. If you have design skills, you could even create one yourself.
    You will likely want to include your company logo in your template.
  • Website Content
    Once you have created your website design, you can start writing and adding content to your site. Most sites will need a homepage with basic info on your site, plus an about us or contact page. Then you can add more pages with whatever other content you want.
  • Added Functionality
    Depending on what the goal of your site is, you may need extra functionality on your site. If you want to sell products on your site, you should consider using the free osCommerce shopping cart to manage your online store. If you need a blog on your site, you should probably install WordPress, the leader in free blog software.
  • Mark-up, styles and objects
    There are several web mark-up languages you'll need to understand to design websites. The first is HTML. HTML is the basic language where most websites are designed with. CSS is another style information that works together with HTML to create your site's design. Flash is a technology that allows you to create objects, videos, and other cool effects on your site.