Choosing The Right Colors For Your Website

The colors selected for a web site convey a multitude of subtle, but important messages to visitors. Color has the capability of impacting the viewer on an emotional level and can stimulate responses either positive or negative. Businesses need to be very aware of color schemes to appeal to customers or clients.

Typical Web Colors

Red is a stimulating color which is often associated with intensity, passion or anger. Bright reds are associated with love, sexiness and desire. Blue on the other hand conveys a sense of confidence, dependability and trust. Brown is the color most often associated with earthiness and relates to the hearth and home. Green is a soothing color and is frequently used to symbolize healthfulness, while black generally conjures up an image of style, power and sophistication. To communicate a sense of well-being yellow is often used as it is associated with optimism. Purple is often equated with royalty, but one has to be careful with purple as some cultures associate purple with mourning. Every color conveys meaning. The darker the color the more power that is associated with it. Lighter colors convey a sense of warmth.

With that short primer on the effects of color, it is incumbent upon businesses to fully utilize the power and the emotional appeal afforded by the right color selections and combinations. Banks, lending institutions and large businesses tend to use blue as it conveys credibility. IBM is even know as "big blue". Shampoos and womens products often use greens or browns to communicate a sense of healthfulness or induce warm thoughts of hearth and home.

One should not select colors simply because they appeal to them. The color should matched with the products or services that are being offered to insure that the widest possible audience is being influenced in a positive right manner.