Why Blog With Wordpress?

One of the major advantages of choosing to blog with WordPress is that it can be installed on your shared hosting account or your personal web server, giving you total control. Unlike other web hosting services that are third party, with WordPress you are free to access and modify anything that is related to your weblog. This means WordPress can be installed on your home computer as well as on an Intranet.

Unlike several other software programs, with WordPress you do not have to edit numerous templates or add thousands of files to chmod in order to set up your site and present it the way you want to. The WordPress file editor edits your templates as well as other files associated with WordPress right there in your browser, so there is no need to download or upload files to edit them. Changes to template are made in seconds using Template Editor Tool and Template Tags. Pages are generated dynamically and there is no need to wait for pages to get rebuilt.

Wordpress templates & plugins

With WordPress you choose to skin your weblog either using ready-made WordPress templates and styles or you can share the themes you have personally created.

WordPress offers a large number of Plugins that have custom features and functions, which enable each individual user to design their site to their own individual specifications. Users can choose to use the readily available plugins or even develop their own plugins to make virtually any changes they want to in their blog.

WordPress default plugins include Akismet and Hello Dolly. Akismet checks to make sure that your comments are not spam. Any spam that is caught by Akismet can be reviewed under "Manage". Other WordPress plugins are offered in various categories including Administration, Business and Monetizing, Layout, Design and Styles, Graphics, Sound and Video, Geographical, Weather, Financial, Mood, Forums, Time and Miscellaneous.